Hi, I’m Nathan. 👋

I’m a rising junior at UCLA, where I study computer science.

I recently finished a winter internship with the data visualization team at Datadog in New York City. I'll be returning to New York in a few weeks for a summer internship at Keybase.

Last summer, I worked as a software engineering intern for Keybase, where I contributed code to their open-source desktop and mobile applications. I also previously interned for Autodesk, where I worked on developing and designing an internal website to connect engineers within the company.

At UCLA, I managed a team of student developers and coded websites for the Online section of my school newspaper. Prior to that, I led web and mobile development for my school radio station.

The best way to contact me is via email. For additional security, you can find my public key on Keybase.

Feel free to peruse my GitHub, LinkedIn, résumé, or some of the things I've worked on below.